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Bubba Kush 19% CBD Hemp Flower

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19% CBD

Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Humulene

Learn all about the benefits of Terpines here.

Bubba Kush CBD sports a classic Afghani Kush pallet with sharp, gassy notes of black pepper and clove followed by citric peel and earthy undertones.

Mentally relaxing effect with a calm body feel. Very popular for battling anxiety. 

Bud Structure:
They don't call it Bubba for nothing! This lady produces a fat dense bud that explodes with aroma and flavor once broken apart. Bubba Kush is excellent for pipes, joints or broken down for cooking.

Suggested Drink Pairing:
Bold and spicy red wines, and if your a beer drinker IPAs or stouts pair very well with this flower.

Our favorite is the Syrah from Abacela just down the road.

Suggested Food Pairing:
We tend to drift more savory when it comes to Bubba Kush. Throw some meat on the bbq with some liquid smoke and rosemary. Mix it into a meatloaf, red sauce or stir fry. We even blended it into homemade pepperoni sticks. Watch our blog for the recipe for those outstanding homemade pepperoni sticks featuring Bubba Kush. 

Suggested Tea Pairing:
Earl Grey, Jasmine, Ginger

Suggested Desert Pairing:
Three words. Dark. Chocolate. Silk. If you're from the pacific northwest we highly suggest the Raspberry Rhapsody from Sweet Life in Eugene! Droooool.


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