CBG and CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll Sampler Pack

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We totally understand...

It's hard to choose.

All the CBG and CBD hemp flower strains are SO GOOD!

Good thing one of our main priorities is to alleviate all of your stress. So we're going to take all that pressure off your shoulders and hook you up with a single roll of each of our 7 strains for a flat rate of $25.

But wait, there's more!

Double the trouble and we'll add a second roll of each for a flat $40. Just in case you want to, ya know, share it with a cute friend or something.

We got you!

What you get for 25$

1 x Blackberry Velvet CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
1 x Bubba Tonic CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
1 x Forbidden CBD and CBDv Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
1 x Stem Cell CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
1 x Sweet Wife CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
1 x Talisman 5 CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
1 x The White Wizard CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

What you get for 40$

2 x Blackberry Velvet CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
2 x Bubba Tonic CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
2 x Forbidden CBD and CBDv Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
2 x Stem Cell CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
2 x Sweet Wife CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
2 x Talisman 5 CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll
2 x The White Wizard CBG Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

And quite possibly one epic date night! 


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