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Stem Cell 12% CBG Hemp Flower

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12% CBG

Also, what in the world is CBGa and why are people smoking it?
CBGa has rapidly become one of our favorite cannabinoids. It seems to help us focus a little bit better and allows us to hit a flow state at work quicker, it almost feels like a nootropic. THC levels are far below the 0.3% threshold so there is zero high. Just focus, energy and chill vibes.

A dive into some of the science behind cannabigerol can be found on our blog here.

Bisabolol, Caryophyllene

Learn all about the benefits of Terpines here.

Stem Cell CBG has a soft citrus nose with floral and earthy aftertones. 

A very focused and mentally stimulating effect with a calm and relaxed body feel. Excellent with coffee just before hitting a flow state for work or school. In fact, I'm smoking it while working on this website. 

Bud Structure:
Stem cell has fat dense buds that are covered in white trichomes

Suggested Drink Pairing:
White wine, hard lemonades, vodka, or tequila.

Suggested Food Pairing:
Butter bases, white sauce pastas and pizza, grilled chicken or fish, white cheeses work best with this flower. 

Suggested Tea Pairing:
Honey, lemon, ginger

Suggested Desert Pairing:
Citrus pies or white cakes and chocolates will taste spectacular with this strain.


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