The Biosync Industries CBD and CBG Hemp Farm

Biosync Industries Hemp Farm at Sunset


The Biosync Industries CBD and CBG Hemp Farm is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest nestled within Oregon's beautiful Umpqua Valley wine country. The unique micro climate and rich soil of Douglas County is critical in growing top shelf cbd and cbg hemp flower packed with powerful terpenes and flavonoids.

Our federally compliant CBG and CBD hemp flower is sun grown in carefully cultivated living soil to maximize natural flavonoids and terpenes. We utilize natural organisms for pest and fungi prevention. This involves a combination of beneficial plants, bugs and good bacteria that combat the threats of pests and mildew. See below for a list of sacred rules we have here at the farm. 

RULE #1 


"Nature designed the system, we let her do the work for us while growing the ecosystem!" 

We utilize organic and biodynamic farming practices which include; NO pesticides, NO herbicides and NO plastic mulch. We release and grow predator bugs like Lady Bugs and Lacewings that feed on threats like mites and caterpillars instead. These bugs also become feed for other wildlife such as bats (free guano) and various bird species, increasing the circle of life and balance in our ecosystems. 
Instead of utilizing pesticides we plant a diverse array of plants (like marigolds) that naturally emit pest preventative hormones and fragrances. Imagine mosquito repellent candles - those ingredients come from plants.
Marigold flowers blooming next a large plant of CBD in our field.
In place of fungicides we release beneficial bacterias and nematodes that feed on the spores that attack our plants. These microscopic engineers also help break down other organic compounds which makes natural supplements more available to the plants. Like a mature vineyard in Southern France, this system yields stronger terpenes and releases natural fragrances from our unique soil.

 Biodynamic Farming

Rule #2

No Toxic Plastic Mulch 

"We grow our own fertilizer and mulch while pulling the bad stuff out of the air INSTEAD OF putting more into it!"

The majority of cannabis farms use plastic mulch to reduce their weed threats and labor bills. This means that EVERY YEAR they cover 50% of their field in toxic emitting plastics. Yes, the UV sun exposure during the summer definitely
pushes those micro toxins into the soil and then into the plants. It gets worse, at the end of the season it gets burnt or thrown into landfills. For a 10 acre farm that’s 5 acres of plastic EVERY SINGLE DAMN YEAR! This is not okay! And you know what, they can do this and still be certified organic. At Biosync Industries we use cover crops. By carefully selecting the right species (like red and white clover) you can create miniature canopies that shade the soil (in-creasing water retention and reducing evaporation/irrigation loads) while also pulling in carbon from the air and making it available to the soil. That’s right, you can grow free fertilizer that pulls the bad stuff out of the air and protects your soil from the heat.
Small hemp plant emerging from the organic mulch and fertilizer mixture in our organic living soil bed on our farm.

Biodynamic Farming

Rule #3


"Mycelium and microbes convert waste into power and fertilizer."

Instead of burning our hemp stocks and spent trim, we’ve developed a proprietary mushroom substrate blend. We now grow both medicinal (releasing summer ‘22) and therapeutic mushrooms (releasing winter ‘23 with Oregon therapy license). Better yet, the spent substrate goes back into the field eliminating the need to purchase expensive mycorrhiza and growing a local and natural mycelium network. This is a huge advancement in the future of farming. The mycelium network is the internet of the plant world. They communicate with each other, share resources and store information in this fungal network. The other big advancement we are currently building is the capture of methane from cattle. Cattle have a very unique biome, their four stomachs act as an advanced composting and microbe injection system. We call them four legged composting engineers. That cover crop we mentioned, it gets plowed down by these beautiful and hungry beings. The manure replaces vital nutrients and
natural microbes into our system. Science doesn’t even know about 98% of the beneficial bugs that exist in natural compost and manure. So you can’t buy this type of injection. You know what, it gets even better! We can also isolate some of that feeding into collection zones and capture the manure for use in a bio digester. This system acts like a fifth stomach. Instead of those cow farts going up into the atmosphere and joining the greenhouse cloud, they get converted into natural gas that can run our generators reducing our dependence on mining fossil fuels. Plus the waste from that system is an even more refined microbe/fertilizer. It’s a win, win, win system.

Biodynamic Farming

Rule #4

Community Support

"7% of all sales go toward local artists and craft folks, ecological restoration, and community education."

The first intention of our business is to help people heal and live their best lives. We left corporate America to build something special that was driven by love and good intentions. Our unique area of work gives us the opportunity and responsibility to share any success we have with those around us, including our ecological friends. Nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than helping folks find and live their passion, fight through their shadows or just enjoy a good hearted laugh and music with some delicious food and beverages. Our long term dream is to completely rehabilitate the ecosystem that runs from our farm all the way up the mountain to the source of the first water runoff where we are currently building a zen garden. Eventually elemental gardens and a food forest will connect the two with tiny houses and healing retreat zones. Every sale contributes to that dream and to those we can inspire to continually pay it forward.